Roots Down, Branches Out

Children at Communion

Children play a significant part in the life of Christ Church Highbury, including at Holy Communion, where children who have not yet been confirmed are welcome to receive a blessing.

For the last year, the PCC and congregation have been exploring the question of whether to permit children to receive the bread and wine at communion (as permitted by the 2006 changes to Canon Law). We have now decided to hold a period of consultation on the question with the congregation during January and February 2016. This consultation will consist of:

  • January 10th – speakers for and against at the morning services, followed by breakout groups facilitated by PCC members.
  • January 11th – training event for Junior Church leaders, and opportunity for parents involved with Junior Church to feedback.
  • January 17th – sermon on the theme of communion at the morning services plus exploration of the question within Junior Church.
  • January 24th – further exploration with Junior Church.
  • January 31st – opportunity for children to feed back during morning services.

Throughout this period (and up until the PCC meets at the beginning of March), members of the congregation are welcome to speak with any member of the staff team or PCC on the issue.

Further information about the process and a discussion of some of the issues raised can be found in a briefing paper that the PCC has prepared.

Update, January 11th:
On January 10th, the congregation discussed the proposal, having watched interviews with Simon Harvey (who went through the process in a previous parish and decided against children receiving the elements before confirmation) and Sam Donoghue (head of children and youth for London Diocese, who is in favour of children receiving communion). These are available to view below:

Update, February 1st:
The sermon preached on the theme of communion is now available to listen to. The consultation process remains open until the end of February, so please feedback to PCC or staff team members.