Roots Down, Branches Out

Condition of the spire

Steeplejacks inspecting the spire found disintegrating stonework and failing metal joints which need to be replaced. Small pieces of falling masonry are a potential danger and the area around the foot of the bell tower was cordoned off.

The pinnacle on the very top, which was replaced during the refurbishment of the church in the 1980s, seems to be in good condition, but the Kentish rag stone supporting it dates back to 1848, when the church was originally built.

In September 2016 our local paper the Islington Tribune investigated the craftsmanship of the spire repair and when the work was finalised December 2016, the restored spire was heralded as a “significant beacon of hope for people“.


Christ Church secured an initial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to undertake detailed survey work during the first half of 2015, before applying for a grant for the repair work.

In December 2015, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded the church a grant of £206,000 towards the total costs of £312,000 for the spire repairs project.

We have committed to provide Partnership funding, to help meet the total cost of the project.

As required under the conditions of the grant, we have also committed to undertake a community engagement project, to enable more people to become involved in our heritage; this project is Highbury Heritage.

Donations can be made through our Virgin Giving page Christ Church Highbury Spire Appeal

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surveying the spire on cherry picker C

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