Roots Down, Branches Out

Help on Your Doorstep is a local charity making a visible difference to the health and wellbeing of the many people who live in poverty or isolation in Islington, cut off from the bustle and prosperity that surrounds them.

It achieves this by sending out teams of people to knock on doors and to put people in touch with services they need; the services can range from help with finding work or childcare, debt advice, joining an older persons’ day centre etc. Once contact has been made and a need identified, Help on Your Doorstep is rigorous in following up to ensure that services are delivered and that people experience a real change for the better in their lives.

Teams consist of either two members of Help on Your Doorstep’s trained staff or one staff member and a volunteer. Members of Christ Church act as volunteers in Highbury and nearby areas which frees up the Help on Your Doorstep trained staff to reach twice as many people as they would otherwise be able to.

If you would like to volunteer with Help on Your Doorstep or to find out more, please contact either Tania Witter through church office or John Gilbert

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