Roots Down, Branches Out

Christ Church seeks both to demonstrate God’s unconditional love for the whole world and to be obedient to Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations. We support the work of churches and Christian organizations around the world, maintaining strong links with missionaries and Christian work in Cambodia, India and Uganda as well as much closer to home in Marylebone.

Cambodia Action
Cambodia Action was formed in the UK as “Cambodia for Christ” after a challenging call from Major Taing Chirc, a Cambodian Church leader, to raise awareness and prayer for his country. He was killed for his faith when Phnom Penh fell to the Khmer Rouge in 1975.
Cambodia Action, a single country mission, started work in Cambodia in 1991 after the Vietnamese withdrawal, implementing development projects and church support, and began working in partnership with four other mission groups as International Cooperation Cambodia (ICC) in 2000. The mission is committed to the proclamation of Jesus Christ through the spoken word and demonstration of His love in action. The church, after many years of repression, is experiencing rapid growth. Mature leadership is needed for the younger churches.

The ministry also includes projects for:
•Children at risk
•Ethnic minority groups, to bring them a script, and the Word of God, in their heart language
•Micro-enterprise schemes
•Education in life skills and general health care

For further information please contact our representative Sue Stevens

Church Army
The Church Army is committed to expressing the Christian faith through words and action and has a long history of innovative projects. Christ Church has a specific interest in their work with homeless women.
The Church Army has worked with homeless women since 1891 and in 1932 took over the long established work of the Shaftesbury Institute, providing accommodation for single, homeless women in Marylebone.
The Marylebone project is a unique project in Central London which offers 5 specialised services to assist homeless women in their transition between homelessness and independent accommodation:
• A Women’s Day Centre
• The Cosway Street Hostel, providing emergency accommodation
• The Rough Sleepers Unit
• The Mental Health Unit
• Elgood/Portman House, supporting refugees and those fleeing domestic violence.

For further information please contact our representative, Jackie Mair

Church Mission Society
CMS was formed 200 years ago following the pioneering efforts and vision of a small group of people. Today, still on the cutting edge and as an evangelistic mission, CMS is passionately committed to that groundbreaking vision – to see a world transformed by the love of Jesus.
CMS supports over 800 people across 68 countries, including the UK and focuses on 5 contexts where the name of Jesus is rarely heard:
• Marginalised people
• Cities
• Multi-faith settings
• Secular cultures
• Young people and children.
CMS is committed to:
• Being a faithful presence – building long-term relationships
• Proclamation – sensitively sharing the Gospel
• Practical service – demonstrating God’s love in action
• Relying on the power, spirit and grace of God.

For further information please contact our representative, Ruth Barrett

Delhi Bible Institute
DBI provides bible teaching and training programmes through residential courses, conferences, workshops and seminars at Bible Bhavan (House of the Bible). The centre can accommodate about 50 students and is well equipped with study facilities and a library. Many students have been prepared for full time Christian service and are now involved in pioneer work, opening up new fields in evangelism and church planting in North India.
DBI also runs an extensive outreach programme with follow-up discipleship courses and tutorial and counselling services. Literature is a key feature of the ministry with bibles and other material produced in Hindi, Nepali, Urdu and English. Radio programmes are broadcast locally three times a week.

For further information please contact our representative Jonathan Brewster

Potential Edge
Potential Edge is a new organisation, started to help address the consequences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, war and poverty experienced by the urban and rural communities of Uganda over the past 20 years. The problem is so large that it cannot be tackled by the Government alone.
Potential Edge is focusing particularly on the neediest children in Nakawa, a suburb of the captial city, Kampala.
The aims of the project are:
• To work with the community in identifying the most needy children and to find appropriate ways of supporting them, e.g. providing basic needs (food, clothing and medicine), facilitating access to educational and/or vocational skills training
• To establish a life skills development centre to enable these children to acquire skills for self-reliance
• To establish a back-to-school programme
• To provide vocational training in tailoring, carpentry, cookery and car mechanics.

For further information please contact our representative Jonathan Brewster