Roots Down, Branches Out

We have over 100 people involved in home groups. Most groups comprise 6 to 10 people who meet in homes of the members. The groups meet either weekly or fortnightly at various times during the week, some during the day and one group has a creche.

There are a variety of different courses that the groups follow, mainly down to the preference of the group. During Lent we have a special 5 week programme that all the groups follow. We try to encourage as many of the congregation as possible to attend one of the groups at this time.

Home groups are a great way to get to know people and an opportunity to explore the Christian faith, become more familiar with the Bible and pray with others on a regular basis. The meetings are normally very sociable too, with the discussion accompanied by some snacks and a glass of wine of cup of tea! Newcomers are very welcome.

For further details please contact our office