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Our weekly emails are brought to you every Thursday by our warden, Janet Gilbert.

They are brief, erudite missives which serve to entertain and share a little known historical fact related to the date of sending, as well as highlighting News and Events at Christ Church.

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That Highbury Landscape

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. I’d made it to my seat at the Emirates in plenty of time before kickoff, and I was sipping my tea while chatting to an old friend whom I hadn’t seen for far too long: I had invited her to the match to give us a chance to […]

Are you ready then?

Have you been making plans to trap your colleagues or children, or working out how to avoid being tricked? Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day, the one day of the year, according to Mark Twain, “upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other 364”. The origins of All Fools’ Day are shrouded […]

Jumping – for joy?

Late March in London can be truly inspiring, as the daffodils and crocuses bloom, the days become longer, and the chilly grey skies give way to watery sunshine. Yet on March 24, 1950, sixty-six years ago today, Hampstead Heath was home to – Norway’s finest fresh snow! The Ski Club of Great Britain and the […]

Well, Hotel Echo Lima Lima Oscar!

Or perhaps, Harry Edward London London Orange? Or even How Easy Love Love Oboe? As the use of radio and telephone messaging took off during the early twentieth century, it soon became clear that language barriers and the poor quality of some communications channels could make it difficult for listeners to understand critical combinations of letters and numbers. Very quickly different groups established their own spelling […]