Roots Down, Branches Out

Open the Book is a project overseen by the Bible Society which looks to bring the Bible to life for every child in every primary school.

From January 2019, a team from ChristChurch will be going into St John’s Highbury Vale each Monday afternoon to rehearse, prepare and lead an ‘Open the Book’ assembly.

The main part of the assembly will be adramatised telling of a Bible story, from the ‘Lion Storyteller Bible’. Children will often have the chance to play different roles in the stories which will be lively and interactive.

How to get involved

We need your help in a number of ways. If you can regularly spare an hour on Monday afternoons (2.30 to 3.30pm) we would love to hear from you. Please contact Andy here

You do not need to see yourself as a potential Oscar-winning actor to take part. Enthusiasm counts for a lot!

Costumes and Props

We also need help collecting and making costumes and props. In the first few weeks we anticipate needing the following:

  • 8 adult sized costumes – imagine adult sized nativity robes and headdresses
  • 12 child sized costumes – see above
  • Old sheets and pillow cases that can becut, dyed, painted or used to make costumes
  • Old pairs of tights that can be plaited andused to make headbands
  • Large blue, brown, grey, green and beige cloths to be used for scenery
  • Two large free-standing cardboard or plywood trees
  • A large free-standing cardboard of plywood boat
  • Lion masks
  • A large cardboard or plywood whale!
  • Camel masks(!) / hobby horses
  • A cardboard sun, moon and stars
  • Soldier costumes and wooden shields /swords
  • A Moses basket
  • Cardboard reed beds
  • Multiple cuddly toy zoo animals!

Any help you can offer in providing or making props will also be gratefully received