Roots Down, Branches Out

Welcome to Christ Church, Highbury

We are a lively community of all ages, in the heart of Islington, with a common desire to deepen our understanding of God and to reach out to our community and borough. Our motto is “roots down, branches out”, a community that is rooted in faith and branching out in loving service.
You are welcome to join us at any of our Sunday or weekday services as we seek to welcome and include all in the name of Jesus Christ.


Latest News

Our annual APCM is on Sunday 22nd April 2018 at 6:30pm in the church. Please check that you are on the Electoral Roll which is on the board in the Fellowship Room, so that you can be eligible to vote or stand for election to the PCC.

Memory Café:

Our lively and friendly Memory Café has been running for a few weeks with everyone involved, volunteers and guests, having a great time and making new friendships. The drop-in group is growing in strength and numbers week on week. Please talk to friends and neighbours about coming to this fun session – the more the merrier!


Vestry Hour:

For the duration on the vacancy we will not be having a regular Vestry Hour. Instead, please contact the OFFICE regarding baptisms, weddings, banns and Jules will put you in contact with a member of clergy.


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